Professional Property Management

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional property management service complemented by a high level of customer service to both our landlords and tenants.


Managing Your Property the ‘Right Way’

So often we meet Landlords with a bad-news story: Landlord with compliance failures; property let out below market value; tenants in rent arrears; rogue tenants due to inadequate referencing and much more.

If you want to review your current property arrangements we will be pleased to meet with you to discuss our services. Our competitive fees can often save you money in the long term and our Rental Guarantee scheme may help to improve your cash flow.

What we do?

Here is a sample of some of our Property Management Services we provide to you;

  • Tenancy Application Management
  • Professional Referencing
  • Right to Right Approval
  • Tenancy Document Preparation
  • Inventories Produced
  • Tenancy Commencement
  • Home Demonstration
  • Deposit Registration & Management
  • Rent Collection Management
  • Rent Arrears Control
  • Payments to Landlords
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • Compliance Management
  • Tenancy Enforcement
  • Property Visits
  • Tenancy Renewals
  • End of Tenancy Management
  • Safety Certification
  • Energy Performance Certification
  • Selective Licenses
  • Assistance with Insurance matters
  • Rental Guarantee & Tenancy Legal Protection

    In today’s economy, rent arrears remain a continual concern, that’s why it’s never been more important to protect your investment.

    In the event of your tenant not paying the rent due, we can provide a comprehensive rent protection service to our landlords designed to provide peace of mind if a tenant defaults on the rent and/or breaches the tenancy agreement.

    • Guaranteed Rent for the duration of the tenancy;
    • Free Legal & Court Action costs;

    Download: Rent Guarantee Leaflet

    Written details available on request

  • Professional Tenant Referencing = Quality Tenants

    Rogue tenants need not apply!

    Our third party professional tenancy referencing is completed to underwriting standards that enable a Rent Guarantee policy to be offered to our clients. This provides peace of mind to our Landlords, demonstrating each tenant is of a certain quality to have passed rigorous referencing

    Remember…No insurer will cover a bad risk!

  • Right to Rent

    In accordance with the appropriate legislation we will arrange for each tenant to be approved for the ‘Right to Rent’ residential property in the UK and for the appropriate certification to be filed.

  • Compliant Tenancy Documents

    We will prepare and complete all tenancy documents including; inventories, tenancy agreements, prescribed information documents, service of EPC, utility account assignments, Section 48 Notices, Section 21 Notices and more as required.

  • Tenancy Deposits

    We takeover the responsibility of managing the tenancy deposit registration process for our clients. All tenancy deposits are registered and paid to the Deposit Protection Services custodial scheme. The returns, negotiations and any disputes resolutions are managed by us for our Landlords.

  • Inventory

    Our App supported professional inventory software system allows us to instantly produce a timed and dated photographic and written record of each property at the time of letting.

    Such a comprehensive visual and factual record reduces the risk of condition and liability disputes at the end of a tenancy.

  • Home Demonstrations for Tenants

    Aside from providing a comprehensive Tenacy Pack, our property management team also provide a ‘Home Demonstration’ to each tenant during a move-in appointment, ensuring instructions are provided on how to operate key household equipment such as; heating systems, appliances and security devices.

  • Intelligent Tenancy End Dates

    To reduce void risks and potentially lower rents, we ensure fixed-term tenancy end dates are favourable with seasonal markets and where there is higher rent demand. After all, there is little point in a tenancy ending on Christmas Day!

  • Rent & Financial Management

    We will collect the rent and pay you on an agreed date each month.

    A monthly financial statement is provided to support your income and expenditure payments.

  • Property Visits & Inspections

    To ensure your property remains in good order and to validate your tenant is compliant with the terms of their tenancy, our property management team will re-visit your property shortly after a tenancy commencement and every 3 to 6 month thereafter.

  • Repairs & Maintenance

    Unfortunately, sometimes things break or go wrong! When it does, it is usually an unforeseen cost and expense.

    You will always be advised of repairs identified by us. You will be consulted at all times over costs and with recommended solutions. You will always be given the opportunity to approve, reject and authorize repairs.

    We also manage any third party repair claims such as; tenant responsibility claims, insurance claims and building management companies liabilities.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

    To protect all property assets, we provide a 24-hour emergency service available seven-days-a-week, 52 weeks of the year. Our response service covers: security issues, criminal activity, fire, water leaks, loss of heating or power.

  • Energy Performance Certificate

    Valid Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are required before a property can be marketed and let. The Tenants are provided with a copy of the EPC, prior to tenancy commitment. For clients requiring an EPC survey, we have referral arrangements with EPC surveyors

  • Compliance

    We can manage all matters on your behalf;

    • Safety Inspections – Electric & Gas
    • Energy Performance Certification
    • Smoke / Carbon Alarm data
    • Deposit Registration & Management
    • Selective Licenses
    • Tenancy Compliance Notices
    • Tenant Enforcement
  • Commercial Property & Lease Management

    We provide commercial property management services for retail and leisure property and leases, often attached to or associated with residential property or developments.

  • Insurance Administration for Commercial Landlords

    We are commissioned by commercial portfolio landlords to administer leaseholder insurance compliance and liabilities for retail, office and leisure properties, such as shopping precincts and office buildings.

  • PRS Property Redress Scheme

    O’Connor Bowden have chosen membership with the PRS Property Redress Scheme, open to Property Professionals who wish to provide added peace of mind to their clients and customers

    Click to view our PRS Membership Certificate

  • Client Money Protection


    Rent is protected by O’Connor Bowden with our segregated client accounts and our membership with Client Money Protect.

    Click to view our Client Money Protect Membership Certificate

  • Set up by Landlords 4 Landlords

    Our services are driven towards the needs of the Landlord and the asset management of their properties. With many of our directors, managers and staff being landlords too, we fully understand the needs, challenges and aspects of owning investment property.

    We are Corporate Members of The National Residential Landlords Association.

  • Complaints Procedure

    We always strive to provide the best possible service to our Landlords and our Tenants and sincerely hope there is never a need to raise a complaint, but should you have any complaints about the service you have received from O’Connor Bowden we want you to tell us, so we can try to resolve the problem and continually improve our service.

    All complaints are dealt with at a senior level and you will have access to a Director at all times if required – just ask!

    Please see below, details of our Complaints Procedure as well as the membership details of our Authorised Redress Scheme

    Download our Complaint Procedure & Form

    Download The Property Redress Scheme Complainant Leaflet

Lettings Valuation

Our management team assesses and values thousands of rental properties each year. To help you appraise your property, O’Connor Bowden provide a free and confidential valuation service.

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