Information & Privacy Statement

Our Commitment

O’Connor Bowden respects the privacy of all visitors to its site, whether they have provided us with their personal particulars or not.


In order to improve the service we provide, we may monitor information such as the site from which you were referred, and the time between visits. We may make use of cookies or other means to do so.

Any cookies placed on your computer will simply reflect the date or time of the last visit, and include no personal information about you, or any other information that identifies you. If this is unacceptable to you, you may disable cookies in your browser settings, which will prevent us from using cookies in this way.

Your Details

Certain services on this site are only made available to visitors who register their details. If you choose to use these services we will require certain personal information from you, which we will hold in a secure database. You may also register your details by mail, email or telephone.

This information may be used to send you mail, emails, or text messages, about specific properties or services in which you have expressed an interest, but only if you give your consent. You may choose at any time to stop or restart receiving such information, and we will respect your decision.

Non-disclosure of Personal Information

Your personal details will be retained by O’Connor Bowden for internal administrative purposes only and will not be disclosed to third parties, nor will any unsolicited communications be sent to you on behalf of third parties.


Should you decide to use our services, we will pass your personal details, as confirmed by you when you initiate the transaction, to any other parties concerned in the transaction. These would typically be a potential landlord or potential tenant. This information will include your name and contact details, details of the property concerned, and any terms that we have negotiated and that you have accepted.


We may from time to time ask visitors for information in order to determine their interests and needs. Such information will be held anonymously, and will not be traceable back to the individuals concerned. This information will be used to tailor the services that we offer, to better meet the needs of our customers.

The Law

O’Connor Bowden respects your rights and endeavors to fulfill its obligations as governed by the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation. Should you believe that your rights have been or are being infringed in any way by our actions, please bring this to our attention immediately.

O’Connor Bowden Trading Name

O’Connor Bowden is a trading name and brand owned by O’Connor Bowden Limited and is used with the permission of O’Connor Bowden Limited by; O’Connor Bowden Limited, O’Connor Bowden Property Management (Manchester) Limited, Bowdens Property Company Limited, O’Connor Bowden Property Management (Stockport) Limited & O’Connor Bowden (Oxid House) Limited.

O’Connor Bowden Rebloom Trading Name & Partnership

O’Connor Bowden Rebloom is both a trading name and partnership between O’Connor Bowden Limited and Rebloom Limited, used to provide combined and complementary building management services for resident management companies.